Electronic Energy Coin

At E2C, our number one priority is Security. While the Blockchain is one of the most secure technologies in the world today, we went one step further and created a special unit within our organisation called the Cyber Security Defence Team (CSDT). The CSDT is a group of specialist advisors we’ve brought onboard who serve to protect our community from hackers, scammers, and other nefarious actors. Our elite team ranges from veterans of the Cybersecurity industry to veterans of the Intelligence Community (FBI, CIA, etc.). Only the best work with E2C!

Those who seek to harm our community will be swiftly dealt with and referred to our legal partners for prosecution in their respective jurisdiction. E2C has revived itself this time with much more strength and support. We are unique and forward-thinking within the cryptocurrency space such that E2C will provide only the best to our community. We even have a treasury system in place to vibrantly support E2C’s ongoing and future projects.

What you can expect from us:

  • That we will protect E2C’s critical information infrastructure via our PoS Blockchain technology alongside other cutting-edge security features layered on top.
  • Educational materials & official announcements provided on a regular basis to help educate our community and preemptively warn them of any known parties that are seeking to harm E2C in any which way. Prevention is the best medicine.
  • Assistance in the very unlikely event that any form of incident occurs. We will provide technical and forensic support to deduce what happened and identify the perpetrators. We then work with the community members affected to provide a package to our legal officials to take action against individuals or entities.